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ARCO Zeus Alternator Regulator

ARCO Zeus Alternator Regulator

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ARCO's Zeus stands out as a unique high-energy alternator regulator, with Bluetooth connectivity and a native app compatible with both IOS and Android. This combination simplifies the installation and setup processes, providing an intuitive interface for accessing previously unavailable system data. This data empowers users to fine-tune their systems, enhancing battery charging and optimizing alternator output. The end result is a safer overall experience while protecting your investment in your energy system.

What sets Zeus apart is its ability to measure and respond to various inputs, including battery current, temperature, and alternator current and temperature.

The ARCO Zeus app serves as a reliable solution for managing your systems data. It automatically logs information and streamlines data sharing with technicians for remote troubleshooting. Furthermore, the app allows you to import configurations from remote technicians.

Zeus accommodates a wide range of systems, optimizing battery charging for 12-48 volt setups. Whether you use Lithium (LiFePo4) batteries or lead-acid Deep Cycle batteries, Zeus has you covered. It comes equipped with pre-set battery libraries and configurable menus, making it straightforward to tailor your charging profiles. Zeus simplifies the complex task of managing various inputs by providing user-friendly options.

Additionally, Zeus takes into account your engine's power and allows you to configure the alternator's power take-off by controlling the field or duty. An advanced feature of Zeus is its ability to transform your engine into a dedicated generator with the push of a button, directing the alternator's performance toward rapidly replenishing your battery bank.

For added user convenience, Zeus includes alternator/battery harnesses and 2 thermistor harnesses at no additional charge, saving users time and money typically spent on sourcing these essential components. This not only underscores Zeus's reputation for ease of use but also enhances its cost-efficiency, solidifying its position as the preferred alternator regulator on the market.

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